Reading Worksheets

Complete the story tree below. Write the necessary words on the blank lines.

(name of the main character)
(two words that describe the character; two adjectives or an adj. and a noun)
(three words that say something about the setting)
(four words that tell what the main character wanted in the story)
(five words telling what the main character’s opponent did to the character)
(six words telling how the main character got what he or she wanted in the story)
(seven words that describe the best part of the book according to the reader)
(eight words telling why the book is good or not so good to read)

Note: To be used in conjunction with story tree reading lesson.


Write five words that you associate with the words below. The first one has been done for you.

1. school — teachers, students, classroom, notebooks, blackboard

2. family — ________________________________________________________

3. garden — _______________________________________________________

4. children — ______________________________________________________

5. birthday — ______________________________________________________

6. New Year — _____________________________________________________

7. storm — ________________________________________________________

8. night — _________________________________________________________

9. circus — ________________________________________________________

10. breakfast — ____________________________________________________