Grammar Worksheets

nullUnderline the correct pronoun.

1. The boy kicked the ball.(He,She,It,They) kicked it far.
2. Mother baked a cake. (He,She,It,They) gave me a slice.
3. My friends went home. (He,She,It,They) left me behind.
4. The dog barked at the visitors. (He,She,It,They) was very noisy.
5. The house is small, but (he,she,it,they) looks cute.
6. My mother got angry at my brother. She told (him,her,it,them) to stop playing computer games.
7. Grandpa talked to my elder sister. He asked (him,her,it,them) to cook dinner for us.
8. The basketball player caught the ball and passed (him,her,it,them) to his teammate.
9. The teacher showed a map of the world to the students. She taught (him,her,it,them) the seven continents of the world.
10. The man keeps a parrot in a cage. He feeds (him,her,it,them) every day.

Answer Key: 1. He 2. She 3. They 4. It 5. it 6. him 7. her 8. it 9. them 10. it


nullWrite the past tense of each regular verb on the blank line.

1. The baby ____________ his eyes after drinking milk. (close)
2. The angry girl __________ her sister’s hair. (pull)
3. The movie was funny so everyone ____________. (laugh)
4. For the first time, my young brother _____________ himself this morning. (dress)
5. Yesterday, the teacher _____________ the parents of the lazy student. (call)
6. We ____________ the walls of our old house last week. (paint)
7. Mother ____________ yummy spaghetti last night. (cook)
8. I ____________ the skin where the mosquito bit me. (scratch)
9. Last year, my aunt ______________ a huge chocolate cake for Christmas. (bake)
10. My older sister ______________ my poem for me. (type)

Answer key: closed, pulled, laughed, dressed, called, painted, cooked, scratched, baked, typed

(Note: To go with Grammar Lesson on Past Tense of Regular Verbs.)

Draw a line to connect the plain form of each irregular verb with its past tense.

(Note: To go with Grammar Lesson on Past Tense of Irregular Verbs.)

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb. The verbs should be in the past tense. The verbs you need to use are listed below.

Last Saturday, my friend Dia _____________ me at home. We _________a lot of things. We ______________a movie video. We also ____________ chess and __________ to music.

My mother _____________ us some juice and cookies. We ___________ the juice and _______________ the cookies because we _______ so hungry.

Dia _______ very happy. I _____________ her to come again next Saturday.

Write a past experience with a friend using the verbs on the list. You may choose to use your own verbs. Remember to use the past tense.

ANSWER KEY: visited, did, watched, played, listened, gave, drank, ate, were, was, told

(Note: To go with Grammar Lesson on Review of the Simple Past Tense — Irregular & Regular Verbs.)

Complete the sentences below. Write the name of a classmate that fits the description in each incomplete sentence.

1. _____________ is thinner than _____________.

2. _____________ is less active than ____________.

3. _____________ is more talkative than ___________.

4. _____________ is taller than I am.

5. _____________ is more intelligent than __________.

6. _____________ is better at computing numbers than __________.

7. _____________ is worse at spelling words than ___________.

8. _____________ is darker in color than ____________.

9. I am younger than ____________.

10. My seatmate is older than ____________.

(Note: To go with Grammar Lesson: Comparative Degree of Adjectives.)

Fill in the blanks with the correct adverb of frequency. Read the sentences carefully before choosing from the list.






1. Sandy _____________ eats rice. She eats rice three times a day.

2. Ethan _____________ eats ice cream because he hates the taste of milk and sweets.

3. Yannah eats fruits ____________. She eats fruits for snack on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

4. Miguel ____________ drinks soya milk. He only drinks soya milk when his mother asks him to do so.

5. Nita is a moody person. ________________ she likes to eat chicken. ________________ she does not.

6. Clarence ___________ eats sweets. He likes to eat sweets every day.

7. Rina ____________ drinks green tea but there are times when she does not drink it.

8. My younger sister will ________ eat liver because the sight of it makes her want to vomit.

9. David eats banana if there is no other other choice, but he ___________ eats it if there is another fruit.

10. I drink water as _________________ as I can.

Answer Key:

1. always
2. never
3. frequently (preferred)
4. seldom
5. sometimes (capitalized)
6. always
7. sometimes
8. never
9. seldom
10. often (preferred), frequently