Free English Lessons Online is an online project that started on a whim.

As its title implies, the site is a labor of love that aims to provide free English lessons to non-native English teachers deeply involved in teaching English as a second language (ESL) or English as a foreign language (EFL).

This advocacy site is still a work in progress — changes will be made every now and then to ensure the best quality in terms of content and design — and there will be more lesson plans that the visionary sisters will feature here to give English teachers more teaching ideas.

May this site be of great help to a number of non-native English teachers who lack the material, the means, and the time to prepare English lessons for a wide variety of ESL/EFL learners.

ABOUT THE ENGLISH TEACHER                                                                    

Judith Redondo (JDR) has been teaching for almost 20 years now. She received her ESL training from American educators at the Philippine Refugee Processing Center where she taught ESL to adult Vietnamese refugees. After a year and a half, she left the refugee camp to start her master’s degree in Language and Literature at De La Salle University Manila, Philippines where she graduated with highest honors three years later.

Under the mentorship of the late Brother Andrew Gonzalez, Ph.D., she was able to design an English textbook series for elementary students using the task-based approach. She also wrote English textbooks for elementary students for another publishing company.

Although she is not a native speaker of the English language, JDR has taught ESL at the preschool, elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. She believes that even though it is a given that non-native English teachers may have lapses in grammar, pronunciation, and usage from time to time, these teachers, if trained properly, can be good teachers of ESL just like their American, British, Australian, or Canadian counterparts. As long as these non-native English teachers have a neutral accent, a wide English vocabulary, a good enough grasp of grammar essentials, and superb teaching skills, they will be able to deliver the goods. So far, her Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean students have found her teaching style and method more than satisfactory.

Once a member of a select team representing the Philippines in a Rotary International exchange program in Sweden, JDR is also a published writer and a freelance editor. She had edited a book of essays in the past.

E-MAIL: jdr_ph AT yahoo DOT com