nullUnderline the correct pronoun.

1. The boy kicked the ball.(He,She,It,They) kicked it far.
2. Mother baked a cake. (He,She,It,They) gave me a slice.
3. My friends went home. (He,She,It,They) left me behind.
4. The dog barked at the visitors. (He,She,It,They) was very noisy.
5. The house is small, but (he,she,it,they) looks cute.
6. My mother got angry at my brother. She told (him,her,it,them) to stop playing computer games.
7. Grandpa talked to my elder sister. He asked (him,her,it,them) to cook dinner for us.
8. The basketball player caught the ball and passed (him,her,it,them) to his teammate.
9. The teacher showed a map of the world to the students. She taught (him,her,it,them) the seven continents of the world.
10. The man keeps a parrot in a cage. He feeds (him,her,it,them) every day.

Answer Key: 1. He 2. She 3. They 4. It 5. it 6. him 7. her 8. it 9. them 10. it