nullWrite the past tense of each regular verb on the blank line.

1. The baby ____________ his eyes after drinking milk. (close)
2. The angry girl __________ her sister’s hair. (pull)
3. The movie was funny so everyone ____________. (laugh)
4. For the first time, my young brother _____________ himself this morning. (dress)
5. Yesterday, the teacher _____________ the parents of the lazy student. (call)
6. We ____________ the walls of our old house last week. (paint)
7. Mother ____________ yummy spaghetti last night. (cook)
8. I ____________ the skin where the mosquito bit me. (scratch)
9. Last year, my aunt ______________ a huge chocolate cake for Christmas. (bake)
10. My older sister ______________ my poem for me. (type)

Answer key: closed, pulled, laughed, dressed, called, painted, cooked, scratched, baked, typed

(Note: To go with Grammar Lesson on Past Tense of Regular Verbs.)