LEVEL: Elementary

OBJECTIVES: The students should be able to:

1. identify verbs
2. identify the past tense of regular verbs
3. give the past tense of selected regular verbs

MATERIALS: Flashcards of selected regular verbs in their past tense, masking tape, board, Grammar Worksheet on Past Tense of Regular Verbs, chalk or white board marker, bell, scratch paper

TIME FRAME: Around 45 minutes


1.) It is assumed that the students know what verbs are. Ask the class to define what a verb is.

2.) Play a game with the students. Act out selected verbs and let the class guess the verb. Write their answers on the board (Write the words vertically for the matching type later on). Make sure that the verbs you will use are all regular verbs. If some of the words are hard to guess, you can give them the answers.

Selected Words: smile, dance, jump, kick, push, climb, open, point, erase, wipe

3.) Let the class read all the words on the board. Then, use a TPR (total physical response) activity by asking the class to stand up and to act out the words on the board that you will point to.

4.) Tell the class that the words they see on the board are called regular verbs.

5.) Show them a set of flashcards. Tell them that this set shows the past tense of each regular verb. Choose students who will match the verb with its corresponding past tense. Ask them to tape the flashcards beside the verbs on the board. It is okay for them to commit mistakes.

Past tense: smiled, danced, jumped, kicked, pushed, climbed, opened, pointed, erased, wiped

6.) Read the past tense of each word aloud with the class. Ask them what happened to the words (-d or -ed was added in the end to form the past tense). Give them time to copy the list on the board.

7.) Give them the worksheet for this lesson. Explain how they will do the worksheet. Give them a time limit.

8.) Ask the class to check their work as you give the correct answer.