LEVEL: Nursery/Kinder

OBJECTIVES: The students should be able to:

1. name the parts of the head and body
2. draw the parts of the head and body (kinder level)
3. color the picture of a cartoon-like figure

MATERIALS: A big doll, pictures of selected parts of the head and body, paper, pencil, crayons, coloring sheet (body of a cartoon-like person)

TIME FRAME: Around 30 minutes


1.) Use a doll to introduce the different parts of the body. Check first what parts they know already by pointing to the parts of the face and the other parts of the body that are well known and letting them identify each if they can.

2.) Introduce the parts they need to draw later on. Select the most important parts only. For Kinder, introduce all the words below as much as possible. For Nursery, introduce around 13 of the words below.

Parts of the head: eyes, nose, ears, mouth, lips, face, neck, hair
Parts of the body: shoulders, chest, back, arms, elbow, hands, fingers,
legs, knees, feet, toes

3.) Do an incidental teaching of the plural form of selected body parts, but don’t dwell too much on this. For example, you can say, “I have two hands, two feet, two ears, ten fingers, etc.”. Then, you can say, “But if I am talking of only one, I will say one hand, one foot, one ear, one finger, etc.”.

4.) Be realistic about the students. Don’t expect them to memorize all the body parts you have just introduced. It is fine that they, at least, know some of the words at this point. You can always remind them of the correct terms later on.

5.) Sing the nursery song “My toes, My Knees, My shoulders, My head” with the class and demonstrate how to do the actions. Change the lyrics to accommodate the other body parts you’ve just taught them and touch those body parts as you sing the song with the class.

Sample lyrics:

My leg, my arms, my nose, my eyes (3x)
They’re all parts of my body.

6.) As another recall exercise, ask the students to form groups of three. Tell each group that they will help one another identify the picture of a body part. Flash a picture and randomly call a group to identify the body part.

7.) For both Nursery and Kinder levels, play a game called “Connect the Body Part.” Pair off the pupils and tell them that they will connect a body part with a body part of their partners. Demonstrate this. The pupils will execute one command at a time. They can use different styles when connecting body parts.

Sample commands:

fingers to knees (the pupils will connect their fingers to their partner’s knees)
ears to ears
hand to neck
back to back
shoulder to elbow
toes to leg

8.) For Kinder, give them pieces of paper to draw on. Tell them that they will draw the part of the body that you will tell them to draw until they can form a complete head and body. Start from the head down so it is easier for them to execute the instructions.

Sample instructions:

Draw two eyes.
Draw the nose.
Draw the lips.
Draw a circle around them.
Then, draw two ears.
Draw the hair.
Draw the neck.
Draw the shoulders. etc.

9.) For Nursery, distribute the coloring sheets of the human body. Let them color the picture using their crayons.