Fill in the blanks with the correct verb. The verbs should be in the past tense. The verbs you need to use are listed below.

Last Saturday, my friend Dia _____________ me at home. We _________a lot of things. We ______________a movie video. We also ____________ chess and __________ to music.

My mother _____________ us some juice and cookies. We ___________ the juice and _______________ the cookies because we _______ so hungry.

Dia _______ very happy. I _____________ her to come again next Saturday.

Write a past experience with a friend using the verbs on the list. You may choose to use your own verbs. Remember to use the past tense.

ANSWER KEY: visited, did, watched, played, listened, gave, drank, ate, were, was, told

(Note: To go with Grammar Lesson on Review of the Simple Past Tense — Irregular & Regular Verbs.)