Fill in the blanks with the correct adverb of frequency. Read the sentences carefully before choosing from the list.






1. Sandy _____________ eats rice. She eats rice three times a day.

2. Ethan _____________ eats ice cream because he hates the taste of milk and sweets.

3. Yannah eats fruits ____________. She eats fruits for snack on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

4. Miguel ____________ drinks soya milk. He only drinks soya milk when his mother asks him to do so.

5. Nita is a moody person. ________________ she likes to eat chicken. ________________ she does not.

6. Clarence ___________ eats sweets. He likes to eat sweets every day.

7. Rina ____________ drinks green tea but there are times when she does not drink it.

8. My younger sister will ________ eat liver because the sight of it makes her want to vomit.

9. David eats banana if there is no other other choice, but he ___________ eats it if there is another fruit.

10. I drink water as _________________ as I can.

Answer Key:

1. always
2. never
3. frequently (preferred)
4. seldom
5. sometimes (capitalized)
6. always
7. sometimes
8. never
9. seldom
10. often (preferred), frequently