LEVEL: Elementary

OBJECTIVES: The students should be able to:

1.) Make their own toilet paper tube puppets

2.) Write personal information about their puppets using phrases/sentences

MATERIALS: Toilet paper tubes, art paper, scissors, glue, tech pens, ruler, construction paper, pencil, lined paper

TIME FRAME: Around 45 minutes


1.) Show a toilet paper tube. Ask them to identify it. Tell the class that usually this tube is thrown away, but it can be used for other things. Ask the class to think of how to use it again in different ways.

2.) Show how to make a puppet by using art paper. Tell the students that they can have their own style in making their puppets.

3.) Give the students toilet paper tubes and art paper. Give them enough time to make their puppets, but make sure there is a time limit.

4.) Tell the class to think of some personal information about their puppets. They can invent any information based on the given guide. The students should write more information as the grade-level goes up. This will be all up to you, the teacher. Sentences are required, as much as possible, if they are able to write sentences already. Here’s a sample personal information:

Name: Dexter Hogan
Age: He is ___years old.
Address: He lives in _________________.
Country: He is from_______________.
Likes: He likes ______________________________
Dislikes: He doesn’t like ______________________

5.) Tell the students to paste their puppets on the left side of the construction paper (landscape format). Cut and paste/glue the written personal information

6.) Ask the class to form groups of three (or depending on the number specified by you, the teacher). Members of each group will read their written work. Move from group to group to listen and to help out each reciting member.